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Zoom Pilates for the Summer Holidays 2020

Zoom Pilates for the Summer Holidays 2020

We’re finally allowed to take some sort of holiday!

Good news for all those people who have been working extra hard during lockdown, and also for those who have been stuck at home and have completed all the decorating, de-cluttering, gardening, home baking, preserving, reading books and catching up with old friends on the phone or on Zoom.

Good news, too, for families with children; a rest from home-schooling and an opportunity for a change of scene and different activities.

The BEST NEWS is that you can take us on holiday with you!!

Now that we’ve all got the hang of “Zooming” you can book up for a live Pilates course over the next 6 weeks of summer! If you’re away from home you can still have that little bit of “me-time” away from everyone else, relaxing and stretching and exercising to make you feel good.

So many people have told me they are missing their Pilates classes – but you CAN continue to do them, so long as you have your smart phone with you!

The live, on-line classes are working really well, with the participants feeling that the class is still fully interactive, the instructors able to encourage, correct and adapt the exercises according to the individual needs – very much the same as in a class in the studio. Some groups are enjoying a bit of a social after the class too – but that’s optional of course!

We have a programme of classes for you of varying levels and with different instructors. Please see below for the timetable.

For those who are working, we are offering a Saturday morning class at 9.30am to start the weekend and also 7.30 am classes on a Monday or Friday so that you can exercise at home before work – cutting out the travel time. Fall out of bed onto your Pilates mat!

Please let us know if you have any particular requests for times or groups of friends or family. We’ll do our best to accommodate you where we can

“…most surprising thing I found was that it was mood lifting, to do this remotely, but live and with others.”

“the interaction means that we can ask if we are not sure and your encouragement is always a boost.”

Here is the link to our classes page, to view the timetable and to book