Our new timetable of Pilates courses begins on Monday 9th November 2020. Some are hybrid (half studio/half virtual) classes, some studio only and some zoom only.

9/11/20: During lockdown in November, classes are on Zoom only.

Please look at our blog for information and timetable:

Pilates Courses Nov-Dec 2020

  These courses are for 6 weeks up to 18th December.

Please book the package for your course.  If  booking a hybrid class, please note it is divided into two classes, so you need to book for studio class or zoom class:  Online Booking

  If you have trouble booking online please send us an email or leave a message on the phone 01594 516810.

Please be aware if it is going to be your first class with us we will need to talk to you first and assess the most appropriate group and tutor for you. New customers for pilates are required to attend a 1:1 session before booking a course. This will cost £45 and enables the teacher to find out any issues you may have, point out and show you how to correct various postural issues, and to teach the basic pilates neutral position and how to contract your deep abdominals. It is an extremely useful session for you to address any aches or pains you may have, and often to learn how to avoid future problems.

Here is the timetable: Pilates-Yoga Timetable Nov-Dec 2020

Visit our new Online Booking page to reserve your place.