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Summer Term Pilates at Viney Hall and Survey Feedback

Summer Term Pilates at Viney Hall and Survey Feedback

Thank you to all those who took the time to respond to our survey about our Pilates service as we cautiously return to more studio sessions.

We have taken on board your replies and comments and have produced a programme to encompass requests as much as we can.  We are also addressing any issues raised.

38% of respondents would prefer not to continue online Zoom classes, and 28%, for a variety of reasons, such as convenience, saved travel time and continued anxiety about covid, prefer to continue their remote classes. Therefore we are offering both, but stopping the hybrid classes as these are difficult to deliver well. They served their purpose at the time.

We are keeping the prices the same, but some people told us they would prefer to pay a little more for a smaller class.  So, if paying in advance to book a full term of mat-work classes with a maximum of 10 attendees, it works out at £8 a class.  We are offering a smaller class of 8 people and charging £110 for the course, equating to £10 a class for a course of 11 weeks.

We are happy for people to join for shorter periods, if there is space (ie course not fully booked) for example booking a half term @ £9 a class, and if you prefer to just drop in when there is a space, it will be £10.

In response to interest, we are offering three new classes for the summer term.  One is Large Equipment, encompassing the Reformer, the Half Cadillac (or Reformer Tower), Split Pedal Chair and the Arc Barrel.  This class is suitable for people who have experience on the reformers and works like a circuit, moving around the pieces of equipment, lead by the instructor.  There is a taster today, and we are happy to put on more taster sessions if there is interest.

The second new class is Self Myofacial Release, or SMFR.  Veronica has recently completed the training for this wonderful technique which uses rollers, soft balls and “peanuts” to gently release areas of tension in the body.  Designed for self-practice at home, this is amazingly effective and great for those who like to work on their own bodies.  Again, there are taster sessions for this.  The first one is full, but we can easily put on more if required – let us know!

The third new class is Pilates for Osteoporosis on the Reformers.  This class, on a Tuesday evening is designed for people who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopaenia and focuses on weight-bearing, strengthening and functional exercises.  There will be impact exercises using the jump boards which are great fun too!

Tasters for the Reformer machines are being arranged too. Phone for information.

We continue to prioritise the well-being of our clients and staff at Viney Hall.  We are asking that masks are worn when walking about the building and for any one-to-one therapy sessions.  We are trying to stagger starting times of classes to avoid congestion, and being diligent with our cleaning, sanitizing, hand-washing and ventilation.  We are asking clients to bring their own mats if possible and not to attend if they feel at all unwell.  We will not be taking temperatures or insisting on lateral flow tests, but count on consideration for others. We have always been accommodating in offering an alternative class if clients are unable to attend their usual class.  However, this does not extend beyond the end of the term, as this is administratively difficult for us.

We try to offer a variety of classes and instructors, all of whom are trained to a very high standard and receive in-house training and peer support from those with more experience or different training.  We have recently been unfortunate in losing some instructors who have trained with us here, due to leaving the area, other commitments or new jobs, but we continue to bring on new ones.  Our experienced physiotherapist, Jake, starts his Pilates training next week, so will bring a new dimension to classes and 1:1 sessions in due course.

As we have gained more physiotherapy staff, Pip and Sarah are able to return to do a few more Pilates classes.

Next week is the last of this term.  We break for 2 weeks over Easter, and the new term starts on 25th April.

You can see the new timetable here: Pilates Timetable Apr-Jul 2022

Please book as soon as you can to secure your place and avoid disappointment. Phone or email, or online booking is also available.

If we have not catered for your needs, please let us know and we will do our best.  Remember that we still offer 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 and bespoke sessions.

We look forward to welcoming some new faces and lots of returners after Easter!