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Pilates Classes Christmas Term Nov-Dec 2020

Pilates Classes Christmas Term Nov-Dec 2020

We are delighted to be able to continue to offer a selection of Pilates classes from the week commencing 9th November, following a 2 week break.

Please click on the link to see the timetable here: Pilates-Yoga Timetable Nov-Dec 2020 and book online for your selected course.  We hope that the booking process is easier this time, as we’ve been having a few teething problems with the booking system!

It has been such a pleasure welcoming real-live people back to the studio for classes, many of which are “hybrid” ones, with up to 5 people in the studio and up to 7 at home on Zoom. Beginners classes are in the studio only, and there are some classes that remain Zoom only.

So we’re catering for the needs of people who are finding the technology difficult, as well as those who prefer to remain at home.  Feedback from clients has been really good!

Unfortunately, we need to make an increase in price per mat class of £1. Reformer classes remain the same.  We have kept the same price for several years and I’m sure you’ll understand the amount of investment we have put into the business to keep going during difficult times.

We have a new beginners class on a Tuesday evening at ten to six with Veronica Yeates.  This class will be studio only for 5 people.  All participants will require a 1:1 session with a physio first, so please book this before the start of the course.  This is a really useful session for individuals, an opportunity to discuss individual issues with the physio, and also to let the instructor know the needs of the class participants.

Sorry, no yoga this term, but do let us know if interested.

Of course you are still welcome to talk to us about any particular needs, pilates 1:1 or 2:1 or family group sessions, live or remote.  We will try to help in any way we can.

Please do try the online booking, but if you have trouble, do ring us – before 2.30 is best.

Please note that booking has been divided into 2 classes for the Hybrid classes, so you need to book in the Zoom class or the Studio class – so we can control numbers in the clinic.

Visit our  Online Booking page to reserve your place.