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Classes for January

Classes for January

Below is the link to the timetable for our classes starting in the New Year, from 11th January.

Carolyn is hoping people will book in and return to Yoga, which will be a Hybrid class – some at home and some in the studio – on Friday mornings, mixed ability.

Pilates mat classes: some will be Zoom only, some hybrid. Beginners on Monday evenings.  1:1 with a physio required prior to joining.

Reformer classes, 2 people per room in a class of 4 people.

Booking available by telephone any morning, or online from the end of this week, 18th December.

Any questions, please phone 01594 516810 and one of our receptionists will be delighted to help you

Pilates-Yoga Timetable Jan-Mar 2021