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Autumn Pilates Classes

Autumn Pilates Classes

I hope everyone has enjoyed a good summer break!

September is often a time when we can perhaps renew our personal exercise goals and work out how we can fit in time for ourselves as we return to routine.

Once again we have a full programme of classes with our excellent and experienced group of instructors who take great care to structure the classes to help the individual participants, and help, guide, and encourage you to achieve your potential.

We have Pilates matwork at all levels from beginners to advanced.  There’s a new advanced class for those who would like to challenge themselves a bit more, or those aiming for more sporting or athletic achievements.

We have two beginners matwork classes – one in daytime, and one evening.  A 1:1 session is needed prior to joining.

Also new is a “Balance, Mobility and Strength” class.  This is designed to help those people that may be struggling with balance, losing confidence, and perhaps falling, or feeling as if they might.  The class does not require you to get on and off the floor for your exercises, but some exercises will be seated, and some standing, and some transitioning.  It will involve stepping, turning, balance challenges and strengthening the important muscle groups to help you get about and keep your bones and joints strong and healthy.  You will be shown how to get up from the floor in case you do fall.  The aim is to build your confidence …. and to have fun too!  A 1:1 is required prior to joining this class.

There are classes for Pilates Reformer machines and Large Equipment classes, bringing in resistance training using these versatile machines in small groups.

If there isn’t a class you want please let us know if we can help – maybe we can do a taster class for a group of friends?

Self Myofascial Release (SMFR) continues to be extremely popular – learning techniques to self-manage the tight areas of your body to reduce pain and improve performance.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Pilates is a short, fast and very effective workout – available early morning or an evening half-hour class.  Have your workout and feel the benefits for the rest of the day!

Give us a ring to book – but don’t wait to do so as the classes book up very quickly!

See you soon!


Pilates Timetable Sep – Dec 2023