Rachel Grant

Rachel Grant

Rachel has trained in holistic massage, remedial and sports massage, and is in ongoing training with ex England rugby team physio at ProSport Academy. Her treatments can therefore incorprate relaxation, relief from injury and pain, and improve limited range of movement.

Rachel offers each modality of massage or a combination of the three according to what you want. She will discuss your symptoms, needs, and your goals with you. If you wish, then she will work with you to develop an appropriate self-care programme which is motivating and achievable.

Rachel can use simple techniques to diagnose which muscles need attention, then work with the nervous system to rebalance hypo- or hyper- tonic tone, and retest. One great thing about this is that she, and you the client, get to clearly see whether the treatment has been effective. If not she will re-think and arrive at a beneficial treatment plan. The simple testing techniques and overall improvement will allow you to chart your progress.

Rachel is fascinated by the interaction between the physical and emotional body, the strong replication of the mindset in the body. She encourages self-awareness, partly through exploring subtle physical adjustments and their effects.

Rachel has a continuing and ever changing personal practice exploring her own emotional and physical health including but not limited to ankle, hips, pelvis, and jaw.

She has clients who come regularly for stress relief and hears how they grow in self awareness. A client who was unable to sit for more than half an hour without pain, to sitting for three hours within 2 weeks. She had a client who couldn’t walk around her house without pain, and 9 weeks later went for a 2 week walking holiday. Amazing ☺️

Rachel is a mum, and has a background working with children with social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties. Her experiences have shown her that physical health and emotional wellbeing both have a profound affect on one’s own happiness, and quality of relationships.