The Reformer is a wonderful piece of equipment designed to facilitate as well as to add challenge to Pilates exercises. Used on a 1:1 basis, or as part of a small class, the Reformer consists of a sliding platform and a series of springs and pulleys. Resistance is given by adjusting the springs, and many of the exercises give excellent stretches which are difficult to do off the Reformer. Exercises can be done lying, standing, kneeling, sitting on a box, using all parts of the body. Uses and variations are endless!

We are gradually adding to our large equipment.  The Tower or Half Cadillac enables a host of different possibilities for exercise, challenging the body in multiple planes.  The Split-Pedal Chair challenges stability and works arms or legs.

Viney Hall is now able to offer sessions using Reformers and Large Equipment.  Combinations of springs and pulleys can be adjusted to facilitate or add further challenge to classic mat exercises. We have a room with four Reformers and a room with mixed large equipment: two Reformers, a half Cadillac, a Split-Pedal Chair, Arc Barrel, Gym Ball and a variety of small equipment.  The large equipment adds a range of different possibilities to cater for the needs of our clients, and to add a whole new dimension to Pilates practice.

1:1 Reformer or other large equipment sessions enable the instructor and client to work at individual issues. Some clients who have difficulty moving for a variety of reasons find the equipment helpful in aiding movement. Many clients attend on a 1:1 basis for particular reasons such as recovery from back pain or rehabilitation following surgery, or to work on a particular aspect of their sport.

August 2017 saw the introduction of 3 new reformers to the original one, making a suite of 4 machines. Small classes are now being held – with four clients and one instructor.  Couples Pilates on the Reformer is also popular, and sometimes other combinations of 2:1 or 3:1 sessions. Individuals and small groups enjoy the way the instructor tailors the session to their needs. The resistance provided by the machines gives lots of feedback, and clients are noticing a marked increase in strength and reduction in symptoms. The sessions can be slow and precise, or faster and more aerobic. Really “feel” your body as it moves!

Do give us a call and talk to us, or arrange to come in to view what we have to offer, and talk to one of our instructors.


“I’m not a lover of exercise, but I love reformers!” —Lyn

“Pilates is fun anyway – but this is more fun!” —Ide

“It has made me stronger, especially my knees.” —Maddy

“I’m more supple”

“It’s the most satisfying thing I have done in recent years” —Rodney

“I feel much stronger”

“I’ve re-shaped – it’s got to be the Reformers that’s done it!” —Jean

“If you want a real stretch, try the Reformer. I’ve never been stretched like this before!”