Massage therapy can benefit us in many ways both physically relieving aches and pains and psychologically helping us relax, reducing stress and inducing calm. Massage helps the body help itself; it can help reduce blood pressure, stimulate the circulatory system and relax tight muscles. It may be used for depression and anxiety, help with chronic muscular tension, fibromyalgia, and problems with the nervous system or lymph system. It is a holistic approach to many conditions.

Two Massage Therapists

Hayley and Rachel are our massage therapists at Viney Hall.

As with all therapists, their work has similarities and differences, and they have their individual special interests too.

Remedial Massage, Holistic Massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Hot Stones, Reflexology, or combinations are offered.

Hayley is with us on Tuesdays during the day, and Rachel comes on a Monday afternoon into the evening.

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Or contact us by email or telephone and you can discuss with the therapists how they can help you individually.

Therapeutic/Swedish Massage

Massage is used to stimulate circulation, flush the circulatory system, release tight muscles and relieve muscular pain. It can help calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety and tension and release tight muscles. A variety of different strokes/techniques are used to warm up the muscles and break down knots/adhesions.

Massage can be slow and gentle or more vigorous depending on the purpose of the massage.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is for everyone and can be used in a sporting and non-sporting context.

Sports massage is a deeper tissue treatment than traditional Swedish massage and can be used on more specific areas that need deeper treatment. The techniques used are combined with the Swedish techniques. Sports massage can be used as prevention and for the healing of muscles and also keep the muscles in good condition. This deeper treatment can help in the recovery of injuries for anyone, and help prevent muscular injuries occurring with regular treatments.

It can help with chronic tension and tightness, on problems such as frozen shoulder, restricted mobility in neck and shoulders from muscular restrictions. It can be beneficial for postural problems and people who work physically. It can be used alongside physiotherapy or on its own.

Many people benefit from massage after they have finished physio or concurrently, depending on the treatment aims.

For sports people, sports massage can help keep the muscles in optimum condition for events/activities.

Pre-event massage can help prevent injuries from occurring by increasing the circulation and flexibility of the muscles ready for the activity, reducing the risk of injury.

Post-event massage is designed to help in the recovery of muscles after the event. It helps the muscles get rid of lactic acid and waste products that have built up during the exertion.

Regular treatments can help keep the muscles in optimum condition for training and events.