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Video Consultations

Video Consultations

During the current restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Viney Hall is not open for face-to-face or hands-on consultations.

People still have injuries and many are reluctant to consult their GP to avoid overburdening the NHS. Often simple advice can make all the difference if given in good time, and Physiotherapists are experienced in this.

We have set ourselves up to provide video consultations using the Zoom platform. These are proving very popular and are extremely effective.

All you need to do is phone or email us to arrange an appointment. You then download the Zoom app – Zoom on your ipad, mobile phone, or on your laptop. You can use your desktop computer so long as you have camera, microphone and speakers.

We will send you a link to a meeting before your allocated appointment time and you connect at your appointment time.

Your Physiotherapist will be able to ask you about your pains or injury and then look at it, look at your movements and get you to do various test movements on yourself in order to come up with a possible diagnosis of your problem.

You will then be given advice as to how to manage your injury, together with some exercises to aid recovery.

Your consultation will be followed with an email showing exercises as taught and summarising the advice given. A follow-up appointment may be made if necessary.

Great results can be achieved by just knowing what the problem is and what you should and should not be doing.

Some comments from recent clients:

During lockdown i had discomfort in my lower left area of my back. I knew i wouldn’t be able to be treated within a clinic so rang Viney hall physiotherapy to find they were open but only treating people by zoom. I was a bit apprehensive at first about using zoom but with the reasurance of Ingrid, i gave it a go. Pip gave me good advice and coached me through the exercises over zoom. My back felt a lot better and i am on the road to recovery. I never thought that this type of treatment could be done on zoom. Well it worked for me. Thank you so much viney hall physiotherapy. John H

I highly recommend Viney Hall Physiotherapy. I needed immediate help for leg and hip pains during isolation. Pip was able to come to my rescue quickly, provided an excellent consultation, was able to identify the problem and provide excellent solutions to reduce and eliminate my pains. All of this was done via a video call and is a testament to Pip’s experience and knowledge to help me without being in the same physical place. Kim

Pip has worked magic on my shoulder over the last two weeks — through a 1:1 zoom appointment. She identified the problem with my shoulder, then went through the exercises I needed to do to strengthen it, and then sent me a pdf of tailor-made set of exercises to follow. I am recommending Viney Hall physio zoom link to all my friends near and far. After all, it doesn’t really matter if you are 5 miles or 5,000 miles away, during these days of social distancing and self-isolation. Thanks so much Pip – keep up the good work! Chris

“I am amazed how well the online Zoom physiotherapy consultations work. The physiotherapist is able to diagnose the problem by asking questions about the injury and by asking you to explain what you are feeling as you perform different movements. She is then able to demonstrate any exercises you need to do, and give plenty of other helpful advice. I find the system very easy to use – and you almost forget you are not in the same room! After a couple of weeks of following my exercise plan, I feel like a different person. Thank you!” Rachel

“Thank you so much for the zoom consultation yesterday – it’s amazing what can be done without actually being face to face”. Emily