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Self Myofascial Release (SMFR)

Self Myofascial Release (SMFR)

Relax, unwind & release……

All new SMFR classes at Viney Hall Physiotherapy coming from April 2022

Did you know that when muscles become tight from overuse or repetitive daily activities, work or sport, the tissues that envelop the muscle also tighten & lay down more fibres to try & support the muscle. When you relax the muscle though, the surrounding tissues stay tight & can not only restrict the way you move but start pulling on bones & joints.

The body’s connective tissues (known as fascia) can also shorten, solidify and thicken in response to trauma, injuries and poor posture.

Learn a way to reduce this tightness with a new self-care programme called Self Myofascial Release (SMFR).

You will be taught how to identify areas of tension in your body and then techniques using tools such as soft balls, foam roller or “peanut” roller.  Careful use of these simple tools help to release this tension so that you can continue to treat your own body out of class time and discover a new freedom of movement.

SMFR can also help:
Promote a sense of wellness and health

Alleviate stress and anxiety

Promote restful sleep

With the symptoms associated with many general aches and pains.

Improve digestion, absorption & elimination

Restore balance & promotion of correct posture

With injury recovery & rehabilitation

Promote mobility & performance as part of an athletic or sport training routine and maintenance

Our fully certificated Pilates Instructor, Veronica, has recently completed her training in SMFR and passed her exam with distinction!

So we are all in good hands!

Veronica gave the staff a session last week to show us what it’s all about, and we all loved it! You can see her in the mirror in the picture below.

Take a  look at the New Pilates Timetable if you are interested in joining an SMFR class, or book up for a 1:1 to learn how to treat yourself at home.

We look forward to seeing you soon!