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Second Breathworks – Mindfulness for Health Course

Second Breathworks – Mindfulness for Health Course

Hello to all of the lovely people of the Viney Hall Community!


My name is Becky and I will be running another Breathworks course  – Mindfulness for Health –  at Viney Hall on Monday afternoons.  We plan to start on 3rd June at 2pm. Look out for the posters that will be coming soon and let us know if you are interested in joining.


To share my story again with those of you that don’t know me. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2013, but I had been in so much pain for a number of years before that, not knowing what was really wrong with me.  I remember lying on the floor one day and it felt like I was lying on a bed of nails, the pain was immense. I couldn’t understand why the lightest knock or touch felt like I had been punched – HARD! –  and the pain from it lingered for what felt like an eternity afterwards. I struggled with fatigue and just trying to cope with the everyday demands of life that we face. Everything felt so overwhelming at times.


After my diagnosis, I eventually developed what I call my own “toolbox” of a variety of different things to help with my condition, yoga, nutrition, exercise etc.  I came across the breathworks programme and it was a complete lightbulb moment for me! It helped me to connect with my body again in a much more positive way and to connect with my surroundings, instead of being on constant autopilot all the time.


Have you ever driven somewhere and not remembered a single thing about the journey? Or have you got in the car and started to drive and realised after 10 minutes that you’re going the completely wrong way? We get completely lost in our thoughts! This is where mindfulness comes in. It helps us to take a step back from our thoughts rather than becoming completely engrossed in them.


The 8 week Mindfulness for Health course focuses on helping you to manage any long term health condition, especially if there is any pain associated with it, or anxiety and stress. These things are common whilst trying to cope with a long term health condition or just simply the demands of everyday life.


The course helps to give you tools to cope with everyday life, including how to deal with the awful ‘boom and bust cycle’, that we so often get caught up in. Reacting to situations that we find ourselves in and often wishing we had responded in a different way.


Some of the lovely feedback that I had from the last course:


  • “The structure could be applied to both physical pain and stress in life. Understanding the underlying causes and the items in the “toolkit” to address them”.


  • “I realised that can do something about my situation. Potentially life changing ”.


  • “(I appreciated) the honesty and openness of all the participants – we felt safe in sharing our issues. Everyone was very supportive of each other”.


  • “Excellent teaching style – clear and gently challenging. In conjunction with the homework, it was an excellent way to absorb the elements of mindfulness and breathing”.

All I ask from you as a participant is the intention to practice mindfulness at home in -between classes.  


If you have any questions, or  if you’re not sure if the course is for you and would like to discuss further, then please feel free to give me a ring on 07545142712 ( please leave a message and I will get back to you ) or email me:


Have a great week everyone,

Becky x