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Pilates – Try It!

Pilates – Try It!

Ever thought of trying Pilates but always something prevents you?  Wrong time, wrong place, too busy, not got round to it?  Wondering what all the fuss is about?  Why do so many celebrities rave about it?  Why do so many top sports people attribute their success partly to Pilates? Have you tried following a pilates video online but haven’t really “got it”?

Do you know your posture contributes to your aching neck or back?  Do you think your lack of flexibility or strength affects your performance at your sport or hobby? Do you want to know how to improve your core stability, support your knees and hips and shoulders, and get the best out of your body?

Never has there been such an ideal opportunity to try a new activity that may change your life.

Since we have been closed during the coronavirus lockdown, we have been running some live online pilates classes on Zoom for our current clients. Clients are at home, instructor is too. These are working really well, with people appreciating the discipline of a regular exercise time with expert tuition and encouragement. Our classes are always tailored to the individuals in the group, with adaptations for those less able and those requiring more challenge.

It occurred to me that this may be a good time to introduce more people to this wonderful exercise which has become a way of life for so many.

So, if you have a group who are interested in a class just for you, tailored to your requirements at a time to suit you, then why not get in touch?  It could be a family group, work colleagues, friends, sporting mates, park runners, walkers,  people you normally meet in the pub. Teenagers, older people, golfers, footballers, cyclists. People working from home. Perhaps this is a way of getting together for a video chat – we could leave you to chat amongst yourselves for 15 minutes before or after the class if you like?

We need a minimum of 5 people to run a class and maximum of 10.  You would sign up for a course of 6 sessions of just under an hour for £42 per person for the course. Time and frequency up to you. We would start from the very beginning, the basics, and build up over the course.  No special equipment required except a rug on the floor, a cushion, internet and a screen so that you can see the instructor and she can see you. A brief chat individually with the instructor beforehand will help her understand your needs and any physical issues you may have.

We usually run 30 classes a week here at Viney Hall.  Matwork classes and Reformer machines.  That’s over 200 people who regularly do Pilates with us.  200 locals, international celebs and top sports-people can’t all be wrong!

Don’t miss out.

  Move Well – Feel Well -Live Well!

Give us a ring on 01594 516810 or email: to discuss your requirements.