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Opening for Face to Face Physio but far from Business as Usual

Opening for Face to Face Physio but far from Business as Usual

July the 6th is the planned date to open Viney Hall for limited treatments. We will have a “virtual first” policy, which means that all patients will be required to have an appointment by video or telephone first, and only those who cannot be succesfully treated remotely will be invited to attend the clinic.

Our professional bodies, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and PhysioFirst (Private Physios) have been very clear in their guidance to members, and, should we operate outside the guidelines, we would be in breach of our rules of professional conduct and also not be covered by our insurance.

We will continue to operate with a very limited staff: 2 physiotherapists, Pip and Sarah, and our practice manager, Ingrid.

PPE and social distancing will be used as much as possible, with the minimum amount of time spent in direct contact with the patient. Appointment times will be arranged to avoid more than one person coming and going at any time.

This means that only a very few people will be coming to the clinic, with careful appointment timings to avoid waiting and to allow for cleaning. Some types of manual therapy or joint mobilisations obviously can’t be done remotely, and also a variety of electrotherapy treatments such as ultrasound, pulsed electromagnetic energy or laser may be required to aid healing.

Most people can be succesfully treated remotely. This has been proven over the past 3 months when we have already had 47 cases treated in this way. We would encourage anyone with any aches or pains to get in touch and arrange a remote consultation.

I broke my ankle just before lockdown. Unsure how to begin my recovery and rehab when the boot was removed, I contacted Pip Deave at Viney Hall Physio. She could not have been more helpful. The video consultations were excellent and creative. She saw how little flexibility I had around the ankle. Pip demonstrated exercises and sent video links with exercises for me to do at home. This has been a great service offered in the strangest of times. I can’t thank her enough as I now believe I will get back at some stage to my previous level of fitness.  Mary Leydon 

Unfortunately it will still be some time until we are able to open for group classes.  The guidelines are very clear about this.  Meanwhile, we will continue with our live online Zoom Pilates classes and our popular Video Subscription Club.

Update on 27th July:   Pilates Reformer groups of four will recommence in August, with two reformers in each of the two first floor rooms, so plenty of space for social distancing.

Other Therapies may be available again shortly.  We will keep you informed about these.

Update on 27th July:  Our acupuncturist, Helen Hayes is now back in the clinic on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

                                        Hayley Lloyd is back for Therapeutic Massage on Tuesdays.

Our priority is to continue to offer a service to our patients whilst making every effort to keep patients and staff safe.

We are a long way from “Business as Usual”


Pip Deave