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New Podiatric Medicine Service

New Podiatric Medicine Service

We are delighted to welcome Olga Jones to Viney Hall.

She brings a wealth of experience in Foot and Ankle and Biomechanical assessment and treatment, and will be a valuable addition to our team, particularly linking with Physiotherapy and Pilates.

Ultrasound Imaging (Ultrasonography) is used as part of her daily clinical practice. It allows a real time examination to specifically identify pathology, the extent of it and guide treatment/rehabilitation plan accordingly. It is also safe, fast and in-house modality to use. There is no need to come back, the scan is carried out during the assessment.

She will also use our treadmill to video walking or running gait to further analyse what may be causing dysfunction or pain.

Pre- or post-operative rehabilitation for foot and ankle conditions and Diabetic assessment and advice are offered too.

Treatments may involve the prescription of orthoses, new generation MLS laser therapy, injection therapy and rehabilitation exercises

If you have a foot/ankle/lower limb pain and want further information, call clinic today on: 01594516810 

or visit Olga’s website: