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New Fees for February 2023

New Fees for February 2023

New Prices from Monday 13th February 2023


Whenever we have to raise our fees, I deliberate for a long time.  I hate doing it!


I look at the figures, talk to Ingrid, our Practice Manager, and the various practitioners at Viney Hall … and mull it over for a while.


We try to look at a variety of options to help our clients.  Of course we don’t want to lose any clients!


I’m sure most people will understand that many prices have risen in recent months.  Particularly relevant for us is heating oil increasing by 50% and electricity by 65%.  We have a large building which is well insulated and we are being very careful with our heating, but it does need to be warm for our clients, especially if they have to remove clothing and need to relax.


And, of course, our staff require paying!  We pride ourselves on our customer service and the excellent quality of treatments on offer.


I am convinced that you will still feel you are getting very good value for money!


Physiotherapy first appointment                                                                  £65

Follow-up                                                                                                               £50

Book two follow-ups (to be used within 3 months)                                      £90


Acupuncture first appointment                                                                    £65

Follow up                                                                                                              £50


Massage                                                                                                               £50

See website for other massage and reflexology options


Counselling                                                                                                        £50


Foot and ankle specialist – refer to Pure Movement Clinic, Olga Jones.



We encourage booking full courses and this is the best value for money @ £9 a class for mat classes, £16 for Reformer classes and £20 for large equipment classes.


New this year, we are accepting clients for one-off/drop-in sessions to classes if you have done sessions with us before.  For more flexibility and better value for money you will now be able to book a block of 10 drop-ins, to be used within 6 months.  See the website for more information.  This should be helpful to those not able to commit to a full course.

We continue to offer 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 bespoke sessions.



Please see our full price list on the website for more information: VH Price list Feb 2023