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National Day of Reflection

National Day of Reflection

On this day of reflection a year after the first lockdown for Covid-19, we take a moment to think about all those people whose lives have changed in so many different ways.  Let us remember especially, those who have died, and the families who have been left behind, often having been unable to see their loved-ones during their illness and in their final days.


Also, let’s not forget those who are still struggling with the effects of “Long-Covid”.  The road to recovery is a long one, and some are requiring assistance with learning to walk again and gradually returning to fitness.


At Viney Hall, we continue to support people following injury and suffering with pain or problems with mobility.  We have seen an increasing number of people with problems due to working from home.  This has been really challenging for many, with difficult work-spaces and children home-schooling.  Lap-tops on kitchen tables or in bedrooms have led to back and neck issues, and some over-enthusiastic efforts at on-line exercises (not usually ours!) have also caused some injuries!


Our Pilates classes on-line have settled into a steady routine, with participants and instructors getting the hang of how to set-up at home, and all benefitting from continuing practice.


This is the last week of our current courses.  There will be a two-week break before returning on 12th April.


Unfortunately, we are still unable to have groups back into the studio, but plan to restart at the beginning of June, after half-term week beginning 31st May.  So 7th June we should be able to welcome a few people who have been unable to use Zoom back into Viney Hall for small classes of 5. We are encouraging all Zoomers to continue as such until the summer, we would like to keep the studio spaces for beginners and those who can’t zoom.

Reformer Pilates is available from 12th April for family/household groups, and classes will resume in June, all being well.

Please see our new timetable for classes: Pilates-Yoga Timetable Apr – Jul 2021

Give us a ring to book (reception staff available any weekday morning), or book on-line from the end of this week.  If you are new to Viney Hall, please phone us to arrange a one-to-one session before joining a class.


And of course we are here for you if you need Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Massage,  Counselling, Allergy/Nutrition advice, or Pilates 1:1.


01594 516810