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“Live” Pilates and Yoga classes return to Viney Hall

“Live” Pilates and Yoga classes return to Viney Hall

We are delighted to announce that we are now able to welcome real people back into our studios at Viney Hall!

With a reduced capacity, we are inviting clients to return to the studio for matwork Pilates and for Yoga from the end of September.  The exciting added bonus is that clients may also attend the same classes via Zoom video link as well!

So the studio will contain a select few, with plenty of social distancing space. On a TV screen will be a further five or six people who prefer to stay at home.

The instructor will be able to see everyone clearly and teach, demonstrate, encourage, correct, and adapt exercises for all attendees.

It’s amazing what can be done with well-thought-out technology!

To facilitate the extensive cleaning required to reduce the spread of Covid-19, we ask that clients attending the studio bring their own mats and small equipment.  These can be purchased at a reduced price from Viney Hall in packs or individually as well as from other suppliers elsewhere.

As many of you will be aware, we have continued classes through Zoom video link throughout lockdown, and these have been well attended and popular.  Once the instructors and the attendees have got used to the set-up, it has proved a very effective medium, saving travel time and enabling expert tuition in your own home.

We are continuing to offer Zoom-video-only classes, and Sarah has kindly agreed to get up early, at 7.30 am on Wednesdays, for an early-bird class for people returning to work. Please talk to us if you are interested but would prefer an earlier or later time. Mel will continue her Friday evening Zoom class from home too.

We have already recommenced  Reformer Pilates classes.  We have been running five of these over the past month and it’s working really well with two reformers in each room and the instructor walking between and getting her own exercise at the same time!

Please see our programme:  and book in good time to secure your place.

EDIT **** Most of the In studio places are now booked, please check with reception, before booking online, thanks

Pilates-Yoga Timetable Sept-Oct 2020