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Live On-Line Pilates Classes

Live On-Line Pilates Classes

Live On-Line Pilates Classes



Since the clinic has been closed during the lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we have been trying our best to keep our clients going in as many ways as we can.

One way we have been doing this is offering live classes by video-link, using the Zoom platform.

These classes are run by Pip at Viney Hall and also Sarah, Gill and Mel from their homes.

Clients are invited to sign up for a course of 6 weeks, and the class occurs at the same time each week for an hour’s Pilates session.  The instructor can see the participants exercising in their own homes and is able to correct and encourage them throughout.

In this way, it is like a normal class in the Viney Hall studio, with the instructor tailoring the session to the participants, adapting exercises for some individuals if necessary, and enabling two-way discussion.

Clients enjoy the social interaction whilst isolated at home and many find the discipline of a regular time and having to turn up each week helps them keep to their exercise routine. There is often some chat before and after the class, so people are enjoying catching up with some old friends from the classes at Viney Hall.

Some people have been concerned about whether or not this is for them.  In these cases, our practice manager, Ingrid, has helped them download the Zoom app and set up a trial to show how to do it, and how easy and effective it is.  All you need is a phone or tablet and some space on a carpet or mat in a quiet room in your house.  It sometimes takes a bit of practice to work out the best positioning of your body in relation to the camera, but once this has been sorted out (and the instructor can help with this), you will be able to concentrate on the exercises and some “me time”.

For those who prefer not to have the regular routine of a live on-line class, the Viney Hall Video Subscription Club is proving popular where you subscribe in advance and receive links to YouTube Videos that you can play at any time to suit you, and as many times as you wish. Please see the other article about this: Viney Hall Video Subscription Club