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Keeping Well

Keeping Well

Viney Hall is well known in the Forest of Dean as a place to go to for help with
injuries or pain.
Whilst we help many people in this way, we are also in the business of helping people
keep well, maintaining their mobility and increasing strength to avoid injuries.

We offer a wide range of Pilates classes on the mat and using resistance machines.
Also available are Yoga, Myofascial Release & HIIT classes to cater for all abilities. 

All our staff are highly trained to make sure that whatever class you choose,
you will be safe and carefully guided in the best positions and techniques for your
individual body so that you get the most out of each exercise. Class sizes are also kept 
small - typically between 4-12 participants - so you should always feel supported.

We use a wide range of equipment to constantly bring variation and new challenges to
familiar exercises, which keeps our classes fresh and interesting. 

And the best news is that we are currently running a two for one offer on all
the starred ** classes on our timetable!

This is a great opportunity to come and give us a try!

See our classes page for more information and booking: