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Confused?!  Changes in class booking process explained

Confused?! Changes in class booking process explained

Our new online booking system is up and running and we have listened to feedback about how it’s working.

Consequently we are trying a new method in an effort to make it easier for clients to book and change classes, making it less complicated and more flexible.

We are changing our ticket options and the way we organise our class terms after Easter.
1.  Shorter blocks throughout the year.
We are lucky to have a wide age range of clientele and therefore whilst following the school holiday term times does suit some of you, there are many of you who have your holidays outside the school holidays and do not particularly want to take a break in your Pilates classes during these times. We are therefore going to try and organise our timetables into shorter blocks, which will run most of the year.  This may also lessen the financial burden especially for those of you that do more than one class per week. There will consequently be no official summer break this year. However, our staff do need their own breaks – we will endeavour to cover classes wherever possible, but there may be some classes and occasions where a class cannot run due to a teacher’s holiday or other absence.
So, the next block of classes will be for six weeks.
2.  Pass Tickets
Instead of offering course tickets for the six weeks we are going to try a Pass ticket type. If you wish to get the best class price rate, then you will need to buy the appropriate pass that matches the number of classes available for you to book in your block (bearing in mind, we have two bank holidays  and some teachers away, so there may be some classes that do not run for the full six weeks).
3.  Priority booking period for current class members
Each class will be given a code, as before, and you will then have one week in which to buy your pass and select whatever dates for that class only that you wish to attend.  After that initial first week, all the codes will be removed and you will then have the opportunity to use any remaining credits on your pass to book into any other class with available space of the same or lesser value. We have also removed the restriction that prevents you booking your catch-up classes only a week in advance.
4.  Drop-in tickets
If you do not wish to purchase the pass, then you will still be able to buy drop-in tickets for your usual class either in that first week when you have the code or at any point in the block of classes. The passes will still be available too, but you will then have less time to use the credits.
5.  Swapping classes
If something crops up in your schedule, and you can no longer make a class and wish to swap the class, then, so long as it is up to 24 hours before the class is due to run, you can change your booking as many times as you like. So you will no longer be restricted to only two per term or block, and you will no longer need to ask us for a credit. You should be able to do everything yourself! Obviously, if anyone struggles to navigate the Bookwhen system, then please do contact our reception staff for help and support.
6.  No fee increases
We hope you appreciate the greater flexibility that Viney Hall is striving to offer you and appreciate your patience as we try to find the best ticket options and way to use our new booking system. Times are still challenging for all of us and costs are continuing to increase.
We are reluctant to impose further increases to our class prices at this time and have therefore decided to increase the number of attendees in the studio classes to 11 people. Again, we trust that you understand the reasons behind this. The plus side for you is that, hopefully, it will also give you greater swap options.
7.  Bank Holidays and Staff Holidays
As mentioned above, some classes are unable to run for the whole six week block due to bank and staff holidays and there are therefore passes for less than 6 classes available,which still give the relevant discount. However, we would respectfully ask that you do not purchase these passes if your normal class is running for the full six weeks.
8.  New classes
Finally, we also appreciate that it can sometimes be difficult to find availability if you cannot make your normal class and we have therefore already added in some new classes in the next schedule, with even more class options planned for later in the summer.
For example, there will be a new intermediate mat class on a Tuesday morning. Veronica is also starting Hatha Yoga classes in the daytime and evening. We have added in more beginner mat and reformer classes and there is a new SMFR and Yin Yoga class which you can find out more about next week and on the new schedule.
9.  Booking
Go to our classes page for booking: