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Changes to Physiotherapy Fees Nov 2020

Changes to Physiotherapy Fees Nov 2020

Dear Physiotherapy Clients,

Reluctantly, we need to make some changes to our fees from 1st November.

I’m sure you will understand that, during the pandemic, our expenses have gone up, and we are having to space our patients more to allow time for cleaning, airing etc.

We have made every effort to keep Viney Hall “Covid-secure” as much as possible with screening processes and procedures to keep our clients and staff safe. All clients are expected to read and sign a Covid-19 screening form on every attendance.

We have erected a screen for the reception desk and replaced carpeted floor in the upstairs treatment room with washable vinyl. We have purchased a large TV for Hybrid Zoom/Studio Pilates classes, and other equipment for virtual consultations, including webcams, microphones and speakers.

We don’t think we’ve done too badly in keeping going throughout lockdown from the end of March, when, as you know, suddenly all our work ceased totally, and we are gradually returning to the “New Normal”.

Our new fees reflect our different working practices, and are as follows:

First appointment (virtual by video link or by telephone):                            £45       

Discussion of symptoms and signs, brief look at movements, working diagnosis made and aims and goals of treatment discussed.  Advice given on self-help.

First virtual appointment – long appointment :                                                 £60   

A more thorough session with personal exercise plan sent also if necessary.  Usually necessary for those people who are unlikely to attend the clinic at the next session.

First appointment in clinic:                                                                                       £60                                                  

Full physical assessment and confirmation of diagnosis.  Appropriate treatment to aid healing, reduce pain etc.  Personal exercise plan if necessary.  Up to ¾ hr face to face session.

Follow-up appointment in clinic:                                                                            £45

Continuation of treatment as planned, usually up to ½ hour.

Longer Follow-up appointment in clinic:                                                            £55                             

 Allows up to ¾ hr for more involved session

Pilates Assessment prior to joining class:                                                           £45                                 

Assessment of posture, movement, aches and pains prior to joining any of our Pilates Classes, ½ hr

Specialist appointment in clinic:                                                                            £75                                                   

Any specialist appointment such as Women’s or Men’s Pelvic Health, Steroid Injection, Vestibular assessment, Bike Fit, Running Assessment, Pilates  Reformer 1:1

Late cancellation:                                                                                                        £30                                          

Less than 24 hrs notice of cancellation

No Show                                                                                                                          Full fee                                           

Non-attendance of appointment with no notification

These fees will come into place on 1st November.   Thank you for your continued support.


Pip Deave

Director, Viney Hall                                                                              26.10.20