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Breathworks – Mindfulness for Health Course

Breathworks – Mindfulness for Health Course

Are you looking for something that can help you manage your pain, stress, anxiety or low mood?  Something that you can easily fit into your daily routine?  We have become so disconnected from our bodies in this fast paced IT world that we now find ourselves living in. Do you want to get off the hamster wheel? Thinking continuously about the never ending to do lists? Do you want to break the cycle of boom and bust? When we have chronic pain, anxiety and fatigue… we suddenly have a good day and then we try and cram as much as we can into that day and then crash and feel exhausted and spend the next couple of days, weeks, months, trying to recover! When we have chronic pain and also acute pain, we tend to just push it away, we want to get rid of it and ignore it.

This course helps you to learn how to connect with your body again in a more positive way, as well as managing any pain / difficulties you may be experiencing and gives you tools to help manage these in day to day living.

By completing this course it will give you the skills to help you feel more in control and develop a kinder attitude towards not only ourselves, but also the people around us; it helps to show us how we can be more compassionate. Being in a group face to face setting offers a lovely opportunity to connect with people in a safe and nurturing space.

The course consists of an 8 week programme 2.5 hours sessions. HOWEVER please don’t worry if you can’t attend all 8 sessions; supporting materials are available to catch up so if your away on holiday or are unwell then it doesn’t matter if you have to miss a session.

The reason why it is an 8 week programme is because research has shown that if you practice mindfulness over an 8 week period on a daily basis it actually demonstrates changes in your brain. It modifies for the better the areas related to memory, empathy and stress as well as developing areas for our emotional integration.

Over the 8 weeks we will explore;

  • Habit releasers
  • Looking at our thoughts
  • Doing and being modes and our emotional regulation systems
  • Learning to respond rather than react
  • Pacing diaries
  • Guided Meditations
  • Looking at what’s in your toolkit

I can help you start your mindfulness journey and share my own experience and knowledge, this 8 week course can literally help change your life for the better. All I ask from you as a participant is that you come with the intention to practice mindfulness every day for the 8 week programme.

Course starting on Thursday 12th October from 2-4pm in the lovely Pilates Studio at Viney Hall.

£135.00  for the 8 week course. For more information please contact Becky at

About Becky Williams who is running this course

Hi Everyone,

My name is Becky and I am running the Breathworks course – Mindfulness for Health.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2013, but I had been in so much pain for a number of years before that, not knowing what was really wrong with me.  I remember lying on the floor one day and it feeling like I was lying on a bed of nails, the pain was immense. I couldn’t understand why the lightest knock / touch felt like I had been punched – HARD and the pain from it lingered for what felt like an eternity afterwards. I struggled with fatigue and just trying to cope with the everyday demands of life that we face. Everything felt so overwhelming at times.

After my diagnosis and I had developed what I call my own “toolbox” of a variety of different things to help with my condition, yoga, nutrition, exercise etc.  I came across the breathworks program and it was a complete lightbulb moment for me, it helped me to connect with my body again in a much more positive way and it helped me to connect with my surroundings, instead of being on constant autopilot all the time. Have you ever driven somewhere and not remembered a single thing about the journey? Or have you got in the car and started to drive and realised after 10 minutes that you’re going the completely wrong way? We get completely lost in our thoughts!!! This is where mindfulness comes in. It helps us to take a step back from our thoughts rather than becoming completely engrossed in them.

Some feedback from people who have attended the Breathworks programme:


 The biggest thing about being on the breathworks course was recognising that my pain didn’t isolate me; in fact it was my pain that made me human. I saw that everybody experiences pain to some degree and it isn’t unique to me. Instead of feeling isolated and apart I can use it as a way of engaging with other people.


Four times a year I am part of a team providing weekend breaks for carers. It’s hard work, cooking, cleaning, washing up and so on. When my back pain gets really bad I use my breath to ease the tension that’s built up around the pain. I can actually feel the tension releasing, so I’m just left with the initial pain without any extras… I see the pain as changing from moment to moment and knowing that at times it will ease – is enough to get me through the day.


I find the body scan very soothing as if it softens everything….. I really like inhabiting my shoulders because I habitually hold a lot of tension there so I cut off and look at them from the outside, but if I can take my awareness right inside my shoulders, I can sink into them and give them a massage with the gentle movement of the breath. When I manage to stay with this kind of awareness, my tension and holding dissolve through my whole body and sink down into the earth; its an amazing feeling. I also feel that I’m giving my body the best possible chance of healing and resting.