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Are you planning to hibernate this winter?

Are you planning to hibernate this winter?

As we enter Autumn and the nights draw in, many of us become much less active. The long, sunny days and warm, seemingly unending evenings are coming to an end and this brings about a hibernation period for much of the wildlife in the Forest, but also for many of us.
The longer periods of darkness induce a lethargy, and remaining active becomes lower on our priority list. Unfortunately for most of us, we feel this inactivity in our bodies – in the aches and pains that we may experience, in reduced energy levels, and in poorer overall health.
Often when we talk about exercise and increasing our activity levels this seems to be associated with a pre-defined exercise activity such as ‘running’, ‘cycling’, or ‘walking’ and with winter approaching we know that our opportunities for these types of activity can be significantly reduced by less hours of sunlight and more regular wet weather.

However, exercise doesn’t have to be pre-defined, and there are plenty of ways to stay active throughout the winter. Staying at home and doing housework, DIY projects, or gardening are all good forms of exercise, but are often not thought of that way. For me there is nothing better than getting outside to exercise, whether on my Mountain bike or with the walking boots on – and come rain or shine that will continue through the winter months. But when this isn’t possible, DIY projects at home or spending some time working on my strength in the Pilates studio keep my body moving and feeling healthy.

So make the effort – for you mountain bikers out there, riding in the wet conditions will keep you fit and make your riding better in the dryer months. Runners, your fitness needs maintaining over winter for the events you may have coming up in the next year. And if this isn’t your cup of tea then have a think – are there projects at home that you’ve been meaning to start for a while? Do the windows need cleaning again? At very least this will keep you active and feeling all the better for it!
So it doesn’t matter whether you embrace the dark, wet days and get outside, or if you prefer to stay active indoors – keep moving, your body with thank you for it!
Here at Viney Hall we are about to start a new term of Pilates classes, including new beginners classes – so if you’re looking for a new way to stay active this Autumn and Winter perhaps joining a class is for yo
u.  There’s the social aspect too. Our classes are all mixed genders, but we are starting a class just for men in October as well.
And if injury is keeping you from staying active then our physiotherapists are on hand to help you get back to your best and keep you moving.

Remember, hibernating is for bats, door-mice and hedgehogs, not people!


Jake Maude