Veronica is running Classical Hatha Yoga and also Yin Yoga combined with Self Myofascial Release in the lovely studio at Viney Hall.

Hatha Yoga got its name from stubborn monks who did not want to follow the traditional Raja path of Yoga, where they were not allowed to practice asanas until they had purified their qualities and habits. It works on solar and lunar energy channels and incorporates breathing practices (pranayama), calming the senses, concentration (mindfulness) and then meditation. It is a systematic practice with not too much variation in one go, to allow repeated practice and eventually attainment of the steady, comfortable pose and then all the benefits to the internal body that that brings.

SMFR stands for Self MyoFascial Release.

Fascia is the connective tissue that wraps around all the muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and organs in our body. It can become dehydrated, stiff and tight due to underuse, overuse and misuse. Fascial tension is very often the reason for un-diagnosable chronic pain.

Yin Yoga is a fairly new style of yoga where you hold Hatha poses that have minimal muscle activity for longer periods, typically 3 – 10 minutes. These longer holds have been shown to stretch deeper connective tissue, which helps to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps keep our tissues moist and elastic and production in the body naturally decreases with age. Evidence shows that regular practice of Yin Yoga increases flexibility, circulation and the range of motion in our joints and ligaments

During these classes I will teach you techniques and ways to release your own fascia, empowering you to look after your own body and its needs. As well as teaching you Yin Yoga stretches, you may also use a small soft ball, peanut shaped tool and foam roller to help release fascia. These tools can be purchased from Viney Hall, so that you can continue to self-treat at home, or borrowed for the first few classes until you are happy to invest in them.

This is also a very relaxing and mindful class and therefore particularly beneficial for those needing a way of learning how to reduce tension and stress in their body and finding a way of moving with more grace and ease.

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