Foot and Ankle Specialist (Podiatric Medicine or Podiatry) at Viney Hall in the Forest of Dean

Olga Jones runs a clinic at Viney Hall once a month – see her bio here:

A specialist in Gait analysis and Biomechanical assessment, treatments focus on the preservation of joints and improvement of function.

Non-surgical therapies include new generation MLS laser therapy, injection therapy, ultrasound scanning, rehabilitation, orthoses, gait analysis and, if required, onward surgical referrals to specialists.

Initial consultation may involve an ultrasound scan and video assessment on our Sprintex treadmill. The sealed roller bearing slatted surface eliminates the problems of changes in walking or running style caused by conventional treadmills.

Podiatry will be available on Thursdays at Viney Hall.  Please note that this is for musculoskeletal issues and routine chiropody is not offered (ie nail clipping, verrucas, corns etc).

Further details are on Olga’s website, and prices with descriptions of services are on the website too – link below.

Booking may be made through this link, or telephone Viney Hall 01594 516810 to speak to a receptionist.