Due to the ever-increasing popularity of cycling, particularly in the Forest of Dean, Viney Hall Physiotherapy now offers a cycle assessment service. This involves analysing your body in relation to your bike. It’s one thing being fitted for a bike at the bike shop, in itself a very valuable service, it’s another thing to make sure you are using your body correctly. Many of our clients will complain of back pain whilst cycling, or perhaps knee pain after a few hours in the saddle. Others may have wrist or neck pains. Assessing range of movement at the joints, posture on the bike, as well as making small adjustments to the bike or cleats, can make all the difference to performance and make cycling more comfortable.

“Bike fitting is not just about the bike, it’s about where and how you touch it”

We believe Prevention is better than cure – so if that niggle you have when cycling simply won’t go away, then a Cycle Assessment with us will definitely be beneficial. The hour assessment we offer allows us to explore your joints, muscle balance, posture and biomechanics on and off the bike to refine your pose and maximise your comfort and efficiency!

cycle assessment