Physiotherapy for neurological conditions is offered at Viney Hall.  Individual assessment, advice and treatment can be arranged with our physiotherapist with special interest and experience in neurology.  Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

We run exercise classes for people living with Multiple Sclerosis and hope to start a class for people with Parkinson’s.

Please phone us for more information.

From January 2024 we are delighted  to be able to offer the speciality of Physiotherapy for Neurological conditions at Viney Hall.  We are very excited to add this speciality as Private Physiotherapy for Neurological Conditions has not been readily available in our Forest of Dean area. The service is available both within our clinic and at home depending on the most suitable environment for each individual.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Linking with the Forest of Dean branch of the MS Society, Viney Hall has been running exercise classes for clients living with MS for several years now.  Led by Pilates Instructors and Physiotherapists, these popular classes on Tuesdays  are effective at maintaining mobility, balance and strength.  Advice and mutual support are also invaluable additions to the classes.  They are subsidised by the local MS Society branch, and new clients will have a 1:1 session prior to joining the class.

We are now happy to offer 1:1 assessments with our Neuro Physio for advice and exercises for those living with MS.  Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is particularly important to encourage and promote activity and regular exercise to individuals with MS so that they can maintain an active and independent lifestyle.


We provide 1:1 assessments and give advice and rehabilitation for those who have suffered from a Stroke whether it be to improve mobility, core strength or specific upper or lower limb function following discharge from hospital.

We are lucky to have a hand specialist at Viney Hall who can look specifically a hand and wrist splinting.


1:1 assessments with our Neuro Physio are available for those with early-late onset of Parkinson’s  whether it be for advice on management or what the best exercises are to maintain/improve your mobility.

Following her recent qualification as a PD Warrior trainer Meg is keen to use her knowledge of this effective way of exercising, adapting it slightly and  plans to start a high intensity ‘HIIT Parkinson’s’ class for those in the early to moderate stages of Idiopathic Parkinson’s disease. Individuals should be reasonably fit, healthy and motivated.

This specialist exercise program is based on the latest research and evidence suggesting that with the right intensity, specificity and frequency of exercise the progression of Parkinson’s disease can be slowed, especially if this is started within the early-moderate stages of the disease. The classes also offer education and advice for all individuals attending.

Prior to attending the circuit classes an hour long initial assessment will be carried out and after this 2 further 1:1 follow up appointments. These aim to educate and teach the core exercises used within the classes. If at this point both you and our physio feel you are ready then you can join our classes or continue with further 1:1 Physiotherapy appointments if this suits you better. Both options require high levels of motivation and regular practice at home to get the best and most effective results in slowing down your Parkinson’s symptoms.


We are already running a falls prevention and balance class at Viney Hall on a regular basis. Further to this we offer 1:1 assessment and rehabilitation with our Physiotherapists both at home or within our clinic to provide falls prevention rehabilitation and to identify any individual falls risks to our patients. Whether your balance issues are due to a longstanding illness or to a change in your mobility we can help with specialist advice and education.

Other Neurological Conditions

Our Neuro Physio has a variety of experience in many other Neurological conditions so please do not hesitate to contact us for advice and guidance.

Individual sessions may be booked for anyone with a neurological condition requiring physiotherapy assessment and advice.  Please telephone 01594 516810 to arrange an appointment.