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Easter 2020

Good Afternoon Everyone

Firstly thank you all for your patience this week, while we painfully got the classes up and running, and also have our website back up today.

It needs work to it, as they have pulled an old copy, which we will need to update (in time), please bear with us.

Below is a letter from Pip, explaining all the online classes and you tube videos.

We are asking that as many of you as possible can pay online on our new link below, the option to “Pay at Clinic” can be used if you prefer to pay directly to our bank account.

There is still a glitch with this new booking system (work in progress) but if your card payment does not go through, please use the “pay at clinic” button, and you can either pay into our bank account for those of you already set up, or phone through on Tuesday to pay.

Myself and Pip are taking Friday and Monday off, so any phone messages or emails will be answered on Tuesday. (Pip will pop in and out over the weekend, and will be here for any queries)

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.

Keep well & stay safe.

Ingrid & Pip


Hi Everyone,

We hope you are keeping fit and healthy.

We have been having interesting times trying to get our website up and running again, installing new software for class booking, and preparing a programme of live Zoom Pilates classes, as well as YouTube videos. We have also been continuing to see patients with 1:1 video consultations.

Our trial live classes were well received, and some comments include:  

It was so nice to see and hear everyone.  A bit of motivation to keep us going

I think it will be life-line for us over the days, weeks and possibly months ahead.

The Zoom worked well, it was much easier to exercise with others and the most surprising thing I found was that it was mood lifting, to do this remotely, but live and with others.

 Thank you for the class- it was fun and great to see other humans!!

Gill was really excellent- very clear, patient. The technology worked really well. The level of the exercises were exactly right – she must have been very well briefed! We would like to carry on after this session finishes

Really enjoyed today’s class, it worked really well and it was so uplifting. 

I found this online zoom session worked very well and would be very happy to continue online classes during the lockdown. 9 of out 10 from me. I missed the underfloor heating, I must remember to turn the heating up in my garden office the night before future classes!

Thank you so much for the Friday class. It was much needed and very welcome. Please keep this going if possible as the interaction means that we can ask if we are not sure and your encouragement is always a boost.

We are now delighted to offer a programme of live classes with Sarah, Mel, Gill and Pip.  There is a class every morning and every evening, and different levels are catered for.

We are running these as courses for 6 weeks, at a price of £42.  The courses start this coming  Monday 13th April, Easter Monday.  If you book 2 courses, the second course is discounted to £35, and a third course will be £32. (phone to obtain discount)

Bookings should be made online by following this link: Live Class Booking








Sarah’s Advanced

Gill’s Intermediate

Gill’s Intermediate

Pip’s Gentle

Sarah’s Intermediate


Sarah’s Gentle



Pip’s Advanced




Mel’s Intermediate



Mel’s Intermediate/Adv


Pip’s Beginners *



Gill’s Intermediate








  • Beginners please phone and arrange a 1:1 prior to joining class, starting 20th April
  • Beginners class is for anyone wishing to start Pilates. A 1:1 introductory session is required before enrolling (£30)
  • Gentle classes are for the less able and those who would like to work on mobility and balance at a basic level
  • Intermediate Classes offer a general all-round workout for mixed abilities but experience of Pilates at Viney Hall.
  • Advanced classes are suitable for those experienced in Pilates who want to challenge themselves more, using more resistance, and those who have been attending higher level reformer sessions
  • You will need to register again, even if you have done so on the website previously. Website has been redone. Once booked, you will receive a link to the class prior to the start.

We have kept our initial programme of live classes simple and basic.  If there is demand, we are happy to provide different classes, such as Pilates for Runners, Cyclists, Golfers, Walkers, Gardeners, HIT Pilates (high intensity interval training – half an hour of fast, dynamic exercise in a controlled way), Pilates on the Gym Ball, Pilates for Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Osteoporosis.  The list is endless!  To run any of these, we need enough people, obviously, so please let us know and we will do our best.

We have two free YouTube videos already available, and several people have told us they prefer these to the live classes. They can be accessed by following the links:      

 Comments include:

My wife and I think you have done a great job with the YouTube videos. We’ve both watched both videos (and exercised to them!) and found them very useful as we are really missing our regular classes.

Half an hour is good to do as a daily routine.

One thing that it has made us realise is how much we depend on the voice of the instructor when doing Pilates rather than looking at them, though we do of course look when we need to.

We tend to start the video on a smartphone and then ‘cast’ it to the TV so we can watch it on a larger screen.

 I am doing them every day, apart from a work day ? The girls are joining in sometimes too

I tried your video on YouTube this morning, it’s brilliant, thank you.

We are therefore offering the opportunity of paying a £5 a week subscription (booked as a course of 5 weeks) to have access to further videos that you will access with a password and be able to view as many times as you wish.  We will post at least one new video a week, varying in length and content. Booking for this will be available from Friday 17th April, going live from 20th April. Let us know if you would like anything in particular and we will do our best to help.

Please understand that we are down to two of us here now, just Ingrid and me, so booking online is preferable but of course we are happy to help if you need it and can take some payments on the phone if necessary.Our aim is to help keep everyone active and well!    Ingrid and Pip

Viney Hall Physiotherapy Ltd.